Roofer in Tallahassee FL

Here you will find a list of our roofing and contracting credentials and accomplishments as a roofer in Tallahassee FL that serves all of Northern Florida and Southern Georgia.

Surety Install Credential Program

Surety Install consists of 40+ years of on-the-job field experience, classroom training, manufacturers’ roof installation guidelines, continuing education, and local, state and international building codes. The Surety Install program ensures that all estimators, project managers, and crews are up-to-date on the latest tried and true roof installation processes. We also have classroom training for all building codes and manufacturers’ guidelines. The Surety Install program not only provides better roof installs, but also protects your best interests.


Burnette Roofing will have our Surety Install quality control inspector perform a 22-point inspection of your completed roof project to insure your roof was installed to the highest standards.

Permits and Inspections

Burnette Roofing is a licensed General Contractor and certified commercial and residential roofing contractor. We always pull permits on our projects. We abide by local, city, and state codes. We perform quality control inspections on every project.

Surety Install

5 Year Guarantee

This guarantee is provided to cover installation defects on your project.

  • Third-party coverage
  • Guaranteed against leaks
  • Covers interior damage caused by leaks
  • 24-hour warranty response guarantee

Material Warranty

Let’s be honest: some warranties are not worth the paper they are written on. We have done extensive research on this and install products that we feel have material warranties that cover the customer’s best interest. Remember, a material warranty is the last thing you should depend on. Quality roof installation is more important than anything when it comes to the performance and longevity of any roof system. Improper roof installation voids any manufacturer’s warranty. 98% of insurance companies require composition roofing products to be replaced after 25 years.


Our third-party warranty is the best in the business. On every residential roof we install we set aside a certain amount of money that is deposited in a warranty fund at Centennial Bank. Don’t roll the dice with fate on your new roof! We truly give you peace of mind.

Project Managers

To be a senior Project Manager at Burnette Roofing you must have a minimum of 10 years roofing and construction experience. All Project Managers have completed the Surety Install credential program and manufacturers’ required installation program. They are not only qualified for the renovation of your home, but are expected to uphold the high business ethics that Burnette Roofing has practiced for over 20 years.